Car update

Last week I told you how Bill came home and told me that the car was having transmission problems....

We thought that we were going to have to get the transmission rebuilt to the tune of over $2000....

We ended up taking the car to a transmission place about 40 minutes away. We called a local auto repair place and they could put a new transmission in, but not rebuild one and they recommended this transmission place 40 minutes away.

We dropped the car off on Tuesday. (Which was okay, but meant that we were down to 1 car, and that meant that the kids and I were pretty much stuck at home since Bill needed the van for work.)

Wednesday afternoon, Bill called and the mechanic said they were still testing it and weren't sure yet what the issue was.

Thursday afternoon, Bill called and was told that it was not a valve problem and that there was a code that the mechanic did not recognize that came up and that he sent that code to a mechanic in California to see if he knew what it was and that he would call us as soon as he knew anything.

Friday, no word from the place.

Saturday and Sunday no word.

Sunday, Bill and I decided that at some point on Monday if we had not heard from them, then we would go and get the car and take it to the shop here in town to get the new transmission put in (to the tune of $2000!) since *we* were convinced that that was going to be the needed result.

Well Monday morning, Bill gets a call from the mechanic. He is 99% sure he fixed the problem. The code was for a sensor that was overheating and causing the transmission to choke up when you are going over 55mph. He replaced the sensor and it was running fine.

The cost: $40.

We went Monday to pick it up, and the guy told Bill not to pay then, but to drive the car for 2 weeks to make sure that solved the problem, then he could pay. Really?!?!

Bill said that the car drove fine coming home and has been fine since then!

YAHOO!!! I hope that this was the fix for the car and not just a bandaid for a bigger issue. Fingers crossed!

Have you had any car issues lately?


  1. Wow, that's nice service! And I hope they fixed the problem for you!

  2. That sounds wonderful! I hope that is a solid fix; fingers crossed!


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