Children's Garden

Last Friday, we took an unplanned trip to the Knox County Children's Garden for lunch and an afternoon out of the house.

We did not plan this. Friday morning I took the kids to the library and to Kroger and I came home to a very overwhelming smell of sewer in our house and no water in either toilet. There was water on the floors around the bottom of the toilet. We called our landlord, and to make a long story short, it seems the city was cleaning the sewer system in our area and they must have sucked all the water out. The smell was AWFUL!!! Needless to say I suggested to Bill that we take the kids out to eat for lunch and let the house air out.

So we decided to get McDonalds and head out to the Children's Garden. It was on our family bucket list to go to this summer so it worked!

The last time we went, Benjamin was maybe 3 months old. It was a very nice afternoon.

The kids enjoyed their lunch and running around and exploring the gardens.

Finding frogs in the 2 ponds.

Taking family photos...

Seeing the beautiful flowers.

Looking at the pretty murals.

They liked playing in the secret garden.

And Rebecca decided to take mine and Bill's picture, with Jacob coming in on it! LOL

It was a wonderful day to go and build memories with our family and to get away from what was a smelly situation!

What have you done lately with your family to build memories?


  1. Yuck about the sewer but I'm glad it all turned into an awesome day for your family :)

    1. Yeah I was glad that we took a smelly situation and turned it around. And by the time we got home the house was smelling much better. :)

  2. What a fun place! (the garden, not your sewer-smelling house) It looks totally fun and I am so happy that you guys got some family time. My husband was off a few days this week and we got to play with him; so fun. Although, I was looking at your pictures and I had to look super close at the last one; I thought my husband was in there posing with you and Jacob! He has that exact shirt! :)

    Hope your house is smelling better. Way to make lemonade from lemons over there!


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