104.3 F

That was Rebecca's temperature last night when I took it at home. I had let Rebecca stay home from school as she woke up yesterday morning with a stomach ache and said she did not want to go to school. Now if you know my daughter you know that she cries hard if she has to miss school when she is sick. To say she didn't want to go, I knew she did not feel well. So she stayed home, and laid around and napped on an off all day, not really eating much of anything. When I came home from work around 430 she was asleep on the couch and I felt her forehead and she was cool.

Last night, she wanted to watch "Cars 2." Halfway through she fell asleep. When she woke up she said she wanted to go to bed and she didn't look good. I had just put Benjamin to bed, and Jacob was cleaning up. I took her temperature and it read 104.3F on one thermometer, and 104.4 on the other one that I have. And she said her stomach still ached. I called Bill to see if he could come home and take her to the ER. I gave her Motrin as well. Bill was able to come home and take her so that I could stay at home with the boys.

At the ER, her fever read 104.8F. After an hour on the Motrin it was only down to 103.5, so they gave her some Tylenol. They have ruled out a UTI, a lung infection (as her oxygen level was only at 95%) and they are now worried it is either a stomach infection or appendicitis. However, as her achiness was less than 24 hours old, they sent her home with instructions to give meds for the fever and if she still has the achiness tonight to bring her back in to the ER (the same doctor is in tonight) and they will do a cat scan to see if they can find anything.

This morning, Rebecca's fever was 102.3 when she woke up. She has slept most of the morning. She said her stomach still aches a little. I just got her up to take her temp again and it was down to 98.4.

To say that I am stressed out and worried is an understatement.


  1. Yikes! That is really high; I hope she is better now! Sounds like everything is hitting you at once, hope things calm down very soon.

    1. Thanks Erin. It was scary. Thankfully her temp stayed down Saturday so I think it was just a freak 24 hour infection.


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