Saturday's to dos.....

How is it that it is Saturday already? This week has kind of flown by. We have had a lot going on... but here we are on Saturday. I have a TON to get done today so if I make a list I won't forget anything. We are having a birthday party for Benjamin tomorrow afternoon, so I have a ton of cleaning and party prep to do.
Today I need to:

  • Jacob has soccer pictures this morning at the Y
  • Rebecca has softball practice at 3
  • clean kitchen
  • bake Benjamin's cake
  • decorate Benjamin's cake
  • make ham for tomorrow
  • make pasta salad for tomorrow
  • dust first floor
  • deep clean bathrooms
  • sweep and mop kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom
  • sweep off front porch and clean tables and chairs on porch (it might be warm enough to sit on the porch tomorrow)
  • clean off shelves between dining room and living room
  • have Rebecca clean her room
  • clean boys' room
  • laundry---get caught up (have at least 6 loads to do)
  • windex curio cabinet 
I think that is about it. That will keep me busy today I think......

Hope everyone has a productive and fun Saturday! 


  1. You are definitely going to have a productive week :)

  2. Happy birthday Benjamin!! Is he 2? 3? Hope you got everything done on Saturday and look forward to seeing some birthday pix!

    1. He is 2, but he is the size of a 4 year old! LOL Unfortunately pictures are going to have to wait, because we had to cancel/postpone his party at the last minute because his brother is sick.


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