Looking for a job and other things...

I have a lot on my plate right now....

Yesterday, I had to take Benjamin in for a hearing evaluation. We are concerned because his speech is no where near where our other 2 kids were at age 2. So his doctor wants him to have a speech and hearing evaluation. So yesterday, I took him into have a hearing evaluation. The audiologist couldn't do a good evaluation because he was squirming and she saw fluid in at least one ear. So I get to take him to a ENT next week for a ear check and then hopefully she and the other audiologist can do the evaluation then.

Also yesterday, things came to a head with my husband's job search. He likes his job where he is, however, he has not had a cost of living raise in the 4 years there, he is working with 20 year old computers that won't load applications that he needs from the AP (he is a newspaper sports editor) and the owners of the company won't budge, his direct supervisor hates him and is making the work environment miserable. He took a pay cut when he took the job, and we are living paycheck to paycheck with his salary. So he has decided to start applying for open newspaper jobs around the country. I have told him that if he finds a job, we will move. I don't like that idea, but if that is what is needed for our family I will do it.

I have also decided to start looking for a full time teaching job. I found a website last night that I used when I was in college that lists job openings around the country where you don't need a masters of education to apply. I bookmarked a few of the jobs last night as they would start in August. It would mean moving out of state, which again I don't want to do but maybe that is the direction we need to go.

I don't know. I am worried about my husband. I am worried about Benjamin. I was so stressed last night that I was very itchy all over. I am worried about the future.

I just hope this is the right direction for us to be moving......

AND in the middle of all of this, normal everyday life has to happen.

The next couple days are busy, busy, busy....

Today I need to make 2 cakes for my daughter's school for tomorrow, make dinner for tonight before I leave for work, our landlord is supposed to come at some point to hopefully fix our upstairs sink, laundry, make a grocery list for tomorrow,....

This weekend, we have a soccer game, softball practice and a scrimmage, and Benjamin's rescheduled birthday party.

Maybe the stress of the everyday will make the stress of the job search and unknown future not seem so bright.

How are things in your life right now? 


  1. That is a lot to be on your mind and to be dealing with; I hope things sort themselves out for you and that the stress decreases. That is too much for one person to be dealing with; my thoughts and prayers are with you! Seriously, relaxing thoughts winging your way!

  2. Rachel
    Every state is different, but have you contacted the local board of ed for birth to 3 programs for Benjamin? if his speech is delayed, they may pay for Speech therapy, which is very expensive. They may even screen him.

    1. Carol, our kids are covered under Ohio Medicaid program for kids, so there should be no out of pocket expenses for any therapy he needs. But thanks for the suggestion. If that is what is needed and we end up moving I will definitely keep this suggestion in mind for where ever we end up. :)

  3. Wow, I thought my life was stressful! I think your husband needs to cut his losses and RUN from his current job - what a terrible workplace environment (and I should know considering how my workplace is). Good luck in your job searches and remember you are so blessed with your family.

  4. Our grandson did not start talking until 3 and Ben has two older brothers and sisters, who talk for him. Plus your oldest is really smart which would lead to her talking for him. I wouldn't be too worried. Try Lewiston Morning Tribune,(Idaho) I heard they were looking for a sports editor. It is quite a move, but I live here so you would have someone to help you set up!

    1. Thanks Kim, I will definitely pass that along to my hubby :)


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