Right now I am... (the dialogue from my morning in lockdown at home....)

WORRIED from a text I just got from my hubby...apparently there is a guy being chased by police in our neighborhood who is being considered armed and dangerous. There are 4 local schools, including Rebecca's school on lock down. Bill has asked me to stay inside and keep the kids in. They arrested someone, but it was not the right person. Just got on facebook and apparently there are 2 suspects from a murder and an attempted murder this morning less than 10 minutes from here.

FURIOUS that our local police department did not call my daughters school to inform them of the need for a lockdown. Bill, who works at our local newspaper, called and talked to the secretary and I texted my mom who works there. The 3 public schools all in the same area were called....

KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED that our local authorities catch these 2 suspects. Just got a text from my hubby that they supposedly caught one in the creek around the corner from my house! I hope it is the right guy.

WONDERING what in the world this world is coming to? We are small town USA....we moved here from a larger city to get away from stuff like this.

RELIEVED that I just saw on facebook from our Sheriff's office that both suspects are in custody and school's lockdowns have been lifted.

THINKING that I need a stiff drink. Crazy stuff going on in our town.

WONDERING if anything exciting is happening in your town?


  1. All a lockdown does is panic everyone. Schools try not to do it unless there is emminent danger. If they go into lockdown, then every parent will be down at the school...and chaos ensues. As hard as it is to take the emotion out of it sometimes....you have to. You are assuming that a lockdown was appropriate and necessary, when it may not have been. Glad it is over.

    1. I work in my daughter's school in the afternoon. My boss, the principal, was livid that we had not been called, especially since we are geographically in between 2 public schools that were called by the police to be on lockdown.

      I understand that is what happens with a lockdown and they are cautious when calling one. In this case the suspect was caught with a weapon less than 3 blocks from the school. If that is not emminent danger I don't know what it. This was a robbery/murder suspect, not someone the victim knew. When you have children playing outside on playgrounds during recess time during this time then I feel, as did my principal, that a lockdown is very appropriate...

      I am glad that it is over as well.


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