Coloring Easter Eggs

Yesterday, Rebecca and I had off from school for Good Friday, but the morning was busy with going to the store and the late afternoon was busy with Bill working, and Rebecca having a softball scrimmage from 4:15-6:30. So we decided to do a fun family activity in the afternoon....COLORING EASTER EGGS! 

Late Thursday night, I boiled 18 eggs for the kiddos to dye. I think they had fun. Rebecca loved coloring them, and Jacob was scared too especially after he plopped one in the pink dye and spilled the dye all over the newspaper, but after a bit he decided to have another go at it and he liked it. Benjamin was still to young to help, but he decided that he did not want to nap during the time and instead sat in his chair and ate graham crackers while we colored eggs. Overall it was a nice afternoon activity!

Do you color eggs for Easter? 


  1. I always have fun doing this with the kids, even though they are now 11 and 15, we still do it....matter of fact we're doing it today :)

    Have a wonderful Easter with your family :)


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