Look who is 2!!!

Man oh man, time is flying by. It seems just like yesterday that I was going into the hospital very early in the morning in order to give birth to Benjamin.

This past year from his first birthday on, has been a fun year for Benjamin. His personality has shown forth and he has learned many new things! 

He learned to stand on his own! 

He made silly faces! 

He enjoyed apple picking! 

He got to draw and color! 

He is learning to play the drums!

He got to enjoy his first snowfall!

He learned to walk!! 

He showed his personality a lot! 

As he turns 2 years old, his big obsession is playing with blocks!

I can't believe it has been 2 years since we have been blessed with Benjamin. He has gone from a 9lb15oz baby boy who needed help with everything, to an independent 45.5 lb boy who is wearing 4t and 5t clothing. He loves look at books and play. His favorite cartoons are "Sofia the First" and "Wallykazam." He is such a joyful child with a stubborn personality. I can't wait to see what the next years brings for him.

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY BENJAMIN!!! Love from Mommy, Daddy, Gaga, and Jacob!


  1. He started off with, and still has, amazing cheeks! I just want to cover them with kisses! Happy Birthday Benjamin; here's to 200 more!


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