Benjamin's 2nd Birthday Party

Sunday we were finally able to have Benjamin's 2nd birthday party! This was the one that we had to postpone from last weekend. Thankfully, everyone was still able to come except for my husband's sister, her husband and their daughter as they were out of town. Nothing like having 17 people in your house above the normal 5 that live here all the time. 

Thankfully the weather was absolutely gorgeous! It was near 80 degrees and sunny. Perfect for an afternoon birthday party. 

There were so many people here to celebrate Benjamin's birthday. My parents, Bill's parents, my brother and his girlfriend, my sister, my brother and his wife and their 3 kids, and Benjamin's Godparents and their four children. It was a full house but wonderful to have. 

We had a light dinner (sandwiches, pasta salad, strawberries, chips and veggies) and cake and ice cream. I had to make another cake as the one I made last weekend got eaten and was too big to freeze. I made a smaller cake this time, which was the perfect size. Everyone seemed impressed that I made a half chocolate/half white cake. It really was not hard to make. Benjamin loved his cake, although I think his favorite thing was taking the 3 cars off the cake to play with. 

Benjamin received some much needed summer clothes (play clothes and church clothes) and LOTS of cars and trucks (which are his favorite toys above all other things). This is the first time that no one asked me what to get him and everyone got him something that he could use and in the right size! 

It was so nice to get everyone together and we all had a lovely time. We are so blessed to have people in our lives who really do care for our family and for our children.

All in all, it was a great party with lots of happy memories! 


  1. Looks like a blast! Glad to hear you are all healthy over there again! Hope you aren't getting the snow we are getting in Michigan!

    1. LOL. We got about half an inch of snow this morning....and the lovely cold weather that goes with it! Hope it goes away as fast as it came, for both me and you!


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