The party that wasn't....

On Sunday, we were supposed to have Benjamin's 2nd birthday party. So I spent all day Saturday cleaning house, doing laundry, baking the cake, decorating the cake, etc. so that everything would be good to go.

Sunday morning, Bill got up really early as he was running in a local 4 mile race. After he left, I got up showered, got dressed and went to get the kids up. Jacob was acting weird. He wasn't talking and was having trouble standing up. He also was acting very tired and looked very pale. I figured out he was dehydrated, as after I got him to drink he seemed better.

We decided to forgo going to church in case Jacob got worse. I got him to eat breakfast and he seemed better. Then I thought about Saturday, when he barely ate at all and he didn't have very much to drink. At lunch time, Jacob didn't want to eat again, but I told him he had to drink. He took a drink and then threw up. I took his temperature, but it was normal. Again, Jacob was acting tired and not like himself. So Bill and I decided to call off the party at the last minute and take Jacob to urgent care.

Diagnosis: Jacob has gastroentritis (sp?) which would explain why he wasn't eating. The doc just told us to push fluids, but if he doesn't want to eat, don't make him. We just have to keep an eye on him.

Bill took Jacob to the doctor by himself as Rebecca was in tears because we cancelled the party, and Benjamin was down for his nap. While they were gone, I finished up laundry, putting away all the laundry (total of 9 loads of clothes).

So I have to figure out what to do with the food that I made. Some will go in the freezer (buns...), some I guess will be made into dinner this week...and the cake we will snack on through the week. We have rescheduled the party for next Sunday, so we will try again.

I am just thankful that today Jacob seems better. He has more energy and did eat breakfast. I hate when my kids are sick.


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