78 degrees at the end of October!

The calendar says that it is the end of October. The leaves are changing and a lot have fallen. It is fall. However, you wouldn't know it by the temperatures we have been having the last couple days. 

Yesterday, it was sunny and almost 80 degrees! That is crazy. It is usually in the high 50s/low 60s around here this time of the year. Last Saturday, we were in sweaters and boots. 

Not yesterday. I had on a tank top and yoga capris. The weather was gorgeous.

We decided to take the kids out to walk and to enjoy the weather.

We headed out to walk along the Kokosing Gap Trail in Gambier.

After a little bit on the path, which was SUPER busy with bicyclists and other walkers, we decided to head down a path that is maintained by the Brown Family Environmental Center. The BFEC  has a series of paths through the woods and that run along the Kokosing River.  The kids loved walking through the leaves and trying to figure out if we were still on the path or not.

The BFEC also has areas that are maintained as a community garden area and that has a couple of ponds where the kids can looks for frogs and fish. I wasn't sure if they would see any frogs but what did I know--- the kids saw 8 frogs and numerous goldfish.

Overall, we walked about 2.25 miles and got to enjoy the lovely scenery and just relax. When we got home, I came in to make dinner and our the kids went and jumped in leaf piles that our neighbor had raked up while we were gone. 

Overall, it was a good day!  


  1. It has been gorgeous here, but a tad hot__near 90. I am still slogging around the house is shorts and flipflops every day.

    1. Near 90 would be too hot for me too! I actually had to turn our A/C on the other night upstairs in our bedroom as it was hot and stuffy up there. But I know that I shouldn't complain as I am sure the white stuff will be here sooner than we think.


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