All restrictions have been lifted

6 weeks ago yesterday I had my total abdominal hysterectomy and they took my tubes, but I was able to keep my ovaries. It is crazy how different I feel. I honestly feel better than I have felt in probably over a year. I have energy. I am not tired all the time. My back pain is gone. I am sleeping at night. It is all good! 

Today, I saw my OB/GYN for my 6 week followup from my surgery. He did an external and an internal exam and everything looks great and has healed beautifully. He lifted ALL of my restrictions and said that I don't need to be seen for another year, unless something comes up. Yippee! 

As my doctor told me today, I have been through the really hard part (surgery and the recovery which was difficult to put it mildly) and now I get to enjoy life again!



  1. Your abdominal floor has been compromised by the hysterectomy. You need to severely restrict lifting, nothing over 10 or 20 pounds. Otherwise, you are in danger of having bladder problems. The kegel will work, but the O is best exercise to keep the bladder floor strong. It is a muscle...all this according to my oncologist gynecologist. I am glad you feel better.

  2. So glad that this is now behind you. Stay well!

  3. Fabulous!! Great news & take it easy on the road to recovery.

  4. That's great news Rachel. I've been following along on FB and I'm so glad you are pain free and restriction free!


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