What are we teaching our children during this year's election?

I rarely get political on social media or anywhere else for that matter. I have always been like that. Now, I will on occasion put a sign in our front yard if my husband and I both agree on it. I am not one of those people who plaster their political beliefs all over facebook and other social media sites for the world to see. I have my beliefs, however I am not going to force my beliefs on anyone else. I believe what I do, and I respect that others may or may not agree with me. I do my duty and I vote in every election. I research and I pick the candidate that I feel will do the best job and whom I feel is the best choice for my family's future and for the future of our country. I have gone back and forth in the past between voting Republican and Democrat. I do not tend to only vote for one party over another. Like I said, I think that who you vote for is personal. So you will not see any posts on here asking that you vote for so and so over so and so. 

HOWEVER, there is a dangerous trend that I have seen this year that I have to address. This is one of the most awful, mud-slinging campaigns that I can ever remember. Each side has very passionate followers and they have no qualms about telling horrible things about the other side. I get that that is part of politics. 

However, have we stopped to think about what we are teaching our children??

My 9 year old daughter came to her dad the other day and was afraid because she said kids in her class were saying that Hillary Clinton is a murderer and shouldn't be allowed to run for President. 

We are talking about 4th graders! What an awful thing to teach your children. I am going to copy and paste what my husband put on facebook (as he does get political) as I feel it sums up pretty soundly how he and I feel about this. 

"My daughter came to me today and said she was scared because some kids in class told her Hillary is a murderer. What a terrible thing to teach a child. They are going to grow up disloyal to those in charge. If you encourage such talk with your kids then you are an awful person, and YOU are what's wrong with this country. And quite frankly, I don't care if anyone is cheezed off by this because it's the truth.

Look, there are faults with both candidates. I understand that those who follow each one, HATES the other candidate and will say what they will. However, we have a rule in our house, in that we do not badmouth either candidate in front of our children. That is showing respect to the 2 people because 1 of them IS going to be OUR president. One of them is going to be the elect of this nation, whether people agree with the election or not. My candidate has not always won, however, I do respect those that do win and I make sure that my children show those in political office respect. 

Maybe it is just me and my husband. Maybe it was the way that I was raised. I don't know. Am I wrong to be offended by how this election is being presented to children??  


  1. I am completely non-political on social media, but to me this election has created a chasm of what was just a divide. I hope and pray that whoever wins this election has the ability to reunite.

  2. I hope your husband's FB post gets a TON of shares. There are times when we absolutely have to speak up and this is one of them. Bravo!

  3. Trying to sway anyone's opinion at this stage of the campaign is nearly pointless because, as you said, each side hates the other candidate. However, there are undecided voters who don't know who they're voting for until they get into the voting booth and there are also apathetic voters who say they're not voting at all. These two groups could have a big impact on the race since polls show that it's a close one. I urge everyone to vote...no matter who you choose or even write in...VOTE..because you count! :-)

  4. Ok-here's my rant about the whole election situation. I am not commenting on any specific candidate or telling anyone how to vote. I just need to say this----

    I find it reprehensible that both candidates have sunk to new lows we haven't seen since campaigns in the 1800's where physical attacks and duels were commonplace surrounding this stuff.
    Our political process has collectively lost it's mind!

    If you look at the larger picture, this election is not about 1 candidate against another but "We the People" against the government. Seriously.

    And if people continue to NOT look beyond the two duopoly stranglehold our country is controlled by it's just going to get worse and we will ultimately implode on ourselves.

    We are a selfish, self serving people with a corrupt overblown diseased government of millionaire politicians who also don't give a rat's @$$ about "regular people" except to get re-elected every 4-6 years.
    Our literacy rate is hovering around 70% and dropping and most people's civics/political literacy rate is way lower than that. How can an uninformed populace make good, rational decisions anymore? I'm sorry it can't.

    Having parties that skewer their opponents spewing forth such vile things I've seen on tv ads is just nothing but wrong!

    It's Ancient Rome all over again.
    As Roman satirist Juvenal wrote as the Ancient Roman civilization moved from a Republic to the Roman Empire(which led to their decline).....
    “Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses".
    This exactly is what our country is devolving into.

    Sorry for the pessimism here but it's probably too late to save our country. 8-(


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