Jacob's sports themed birthday party

On Sunday we celebrated Jacob's 7th birthday. My parents, my sister Mary, my brother Josh, my brother Joe and his wife and family came over for lunch and cake and ice cream. 

It was a lovely afternoon. Jacob requested some kind of sports cake so I decorated a non-dairy cake with a sports theme. He loved it and said it was the best cake ever! 

I had stuff for sandwiches, pasta salad, grapes and chips for lunch. I even pulled out peanut butter and jelly for the birthday boy! During lunch there was lots of conversations and laughs and being silly with the kids.

After lunch, we headed outside so the kids could pound on a pinata that my brother brought over. The kids had fun trying to open it up and Rebecca ended up being the one to pound it open.

 After the pinata, it was time to come in and have cake and ice-cream. I had found "touchdown sundae" ice cream (made by Turkey Hill) as a special treat and it was really good and a perfect compliment to the cake. 

After cake and ice cream, Jacob got to open his presents. Jacob got football cards, a set of wrestling figures, a Cleveland Cavaliers poster, a football game set, and a basketball. He loved all his gifts! 

Overall, it was a very nice get together with people who really care about my son! And Jacob said it was the best day ever which was just icing on the cake for me! 


  1. Best Day Ever is the best compliment ever! Glad the day was fun!


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