Saturday going-ons....

Happy Saturday! It is the final day to get some things done before we have people over for Jacob's birthday get together tomorrow. There may only end of being my parents and sister and brother, but that is okay. I still want to have a clean house for it and then I can maintain it throughout next week and beyond, hopefully! 

There are several things that I need to get done today and a few things I would like to get done, but if I don't get to them it is no biggie. So I have a must do and I would like to do list for this weekend. 

My must do list:
  • bake Jacob's birthday cake and decorate it
  • make up trays for party food and place in refrigerator
  • make pasta salad and refrigerate
  • wrap Jacob's birthday presents
  • declutter area at the bottom of the steps that has become a dumping ground of clutter
  • sweep and mop the living room, dining room, kitchen and downstairs bathroom
  • wipe down fronts of cabinets and appliances in kitchen
  • sweep off the front porch
My would like to do but if I don't it is not a big deal list:
  • Clean upstairs bathroom
  • wash all sheets off all beds
  • make banana bread
  • write out 2 book reviews and schedule them to post
So we shall see what I can get done. Bill is out covering state golf and I hope the kids can keep themselves occupied for most of today. So we shall see what I can get done. 

What are your plans for this Saturday?


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