Fallball Tournament Weekend

This past weekend was a spend all weekend at the ballpark weekend...otherwise known as "Fall-ball Tournament" time! Rebecca was playing fall-ball for our local girls softball league. (This was her 4th year playing fall-ball for the league.) Fall-ball is different than Spring softball, in that this is more instructional time, where they work on getting the fundamentals down and work on batting stances, how defense works, etc. In spring, it is a lot more competitive and the focus is more on winning. That is not to say that the girls don't like winning in the fall. LOL

Saturday and Sunday was the league end of fall-ball tournament. Rebecca's team won both of her games on Saturday. They even beat a team that had not been beat all season! She was thrilled.

I did have a bit of a scare on Saturday. Rebecca got hit in the side of her throat by a line drive during her teams' warmups. I was over at the playground with her brothers, when a mom came over and asked if I was Rebecca's mom and said that Rebecca was hurt. Her coach had her sitting down and had ice on her throat. She was trying to field a line drive and it glanced off the top of her glove and hit her in the side of the throat. She was very lucky it didn't hit her square in the throat. She was fine, but has developed a nice bruise in that area and had stitch marks from the ball. 

On Sunday, they won their first game (at 10am) 2-1 which meant they moved on to the Championship game, since they won the winner's bracket. The girls played fantastic, with AWESOME defense and great pitching. 

The championship game was at 2:30 and it ended up being against the same team that they had beat that morning. That team had won the loser's bracket (it is a double elimination tournament). Well, let's just say that Rebecca's team just didn't have it. They lost the first Championship game.

That meant they had to turn right back around and play the same team again, because they both had 1 loss in the tournament. The 2nd Championship game started out well. However, our pitcher gave up 4 runs in the 3rd inning and we were never able to get back into the game, so they ended up losing. So Rebecca's team came in 2nd place!In fall, the winners and runners-up get t-shirts as prizes.

Rebecca really enjoys playing softball and was crying after the game, mostly because the season was over! I told her we would have some of her friends from her team over and that we would spend some time this winter practicing and getting better! 

During the 2 Championship games, I let the boys play in the dirt pile and snack and run around being crazy. They LOVED playing in the dirt pile, and they had brought along trains to play in the dirt with. They were very well behaved for being at the ballpark for almost 6 hours! 


Overall, it was a very busy weekend at the ballpark, which wasn't a bad thing since that meant Rebecca's team kept winning. I am sad for her that another season of softball is over, but now it is time to look forward to all that October, November and December brings! 



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