Happy Homemaker Monday (10/10/2016)

Wow, it seems like the weekend flew by. On Saturday I posted a mile long to do list. I knew it was ambitious, but I figure "go big or go home." Well...I may have been a little over ambitious! I got stuff done, but a lot of things that I got done took way longer than I thought and there was some added in items as well that weren't on my list, etc. But that is okay. The first part of the list was meant to be done throughout this upcoming week anyway. So this upcoming week will see me doing lots of cleaning, purging, and working, along with the rest of the day-to-day things that occur in our household. :-) 
Let's see what else is going on in my little area of the world (as well as other's if you want to follow along with Sandra's "Happy Homemaker Monday" theme).

On the weather front:::

It is supposed to be up and down temperatures this week. Today in the 60s, warming up to almost 80 by Wednesday, then back to low 60s/high 50s by this weekend. It is that time of year, where you need coat in the morning and capris and flipflops by the afternoon. 
On my TV::: 

We've been watching playoff baseball (Go Tribe!) and NFL games.  
Thinking and pondering:::: 

About what I need to get done today and the rest of this week to prep for Jacob's birthday party on Sunday. Thinking about how time is flying by and my kids are growing up.
Listening to::::  

The TV, the hum of the laptop, Ben playing on his v-reader game, the sounds coming from the basement as I have the washer and dryer both going
On the menu for this week:::

Monday: Crockpot potato soup (new recipe), salad

Tuesday: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, raw carrots with ranch, raspberries and pineapple chunks-- Jacob's birthday dinner he requested :-)

Wednesday: Taco boats, corn and mexican rice

Thursday: Chicken patties and french fries
Friday: Pizza and fruit
Saturday: ???

Sunday: ???
On my To Do List:::
    This is my list for cleaning the downstairs in preparation for Jacob's birthday party this coming weekend. I hope to work on this throughout the week and that way I don't have to scramble around on Saturday.
    • deep clean downstairs bathroom (including dusting, cleaning toilet and sink, sweeping and mopping floor)
    • Deep clean the living room 
      • dust ceiling
      • clean out from under couch and loveseat
      • clean out and vacuum rug under the recliner
      • redo mantel area for Halloween
      • sort toys and books in kids' corner
      • get things of floor near the bottom of the steps (this includes bag that I took to hospital that never got taken back upstairs)
      • clean, organize and dust TV stand
      • sweep floor
    • Declutter desk area
    • Straighten up dining room
    • Clean off shelves that are in between dining room and living room
    • Dust ceiling fans in dining room, living room and mud room
    • Clean off porch (including sweeping and wiping down table and chairs)
    • Mop kitchen, dining room and living room
    • Wipe down walls
    There are also my day to day to-do list items:
    • laundry
    • cut all kids' fingernails and toenails-- I did Benjamin's.
    • Pay bills and balance checkbook
    • Take a load of stuff to Goodwill

    What I plan on doing for myself this week::: 
    Planning on going through my clothes to get rid of what I don't like or doesn't fit so I can feel good about what I wear. (This is on my list again as I did not get to do this last week!)

    Looking Forward to::: 
    Jacob's birthday celebration this week!  
    Favorite photo::: 

    Now that softball is over for the winter, Rebecca wants to start working on earning some of her American Heritage Girls scout badges. We started working on her "cooking badge" yesterday and she made a homemade apple pie from scratch (including from scratch pie crust). It took most of the afternoon to do, but it was fun working with her in the kitchen. 

    Lesson learned the past few days:::

    That not everyone values the same things that I do in my life. That not everyone raises their children in the same way that I think is the right way. That I am blessed. 

    Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses::: 

    So there you have it. A little bit of homemaking stuff for today. If you would like to read more, please go visit Sandra and all the other blogs that have linked up with her! 

    HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT MONDAY-- I am off to clean!!


    1. Great birthday dinner request! Good for you on having a plan so you won't be scrambling around at the last minute before the celebration (I'm the one who usually tries to do everything the day of any event). Hope you have a wonderful week!

    2. I'm glad you have the rest of the week to knock off that to do list in time for Jacob's birthday. I like his dinner choices - I think he hit all of the food groups :)


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