So last night, I had the most terrifying experience. Around 1:15 am, Bill was reading in bed and I was asleep. All of a sudden he woke me up frantic and was rolling off the bed and yelling "bat, bat". There was a BAT flying around our bedroom!!!!!!! EEKKKK!!!!!!! He said he heard it before he saw it and he tried to get me out. I guess I screamed because I woke both kids up. I saw a black bat flying out of the corner of my eye.

After calming down, we took the kids downstairs and decided to try to find out if Mount Vernon has an animal control. (We've only lived here 2 months!) We couldn't find the number so Bill decided to call the Mount Vernon police department. They sent an officer out right away and after a couple minutes (seemed like an hour), he captured the bat and got rid of it for us. After that Rebecca wanted to sleep with us....which meant that she was awake until 5:30 am and I got NO sleep....I finally started falling asleep around 6:15am, when my brother decided to send me a text...ugh.... It is going to be a long day! Hopefully less stressful!

As a side note, I checked facebook this morning and a friend of mine in Lancaster was awoken by a bat in her house at 3am this morning. Creepy.


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