Living Better Ideas

There are many things in life that a person can do or can say no to that will help them to live better one day at a time. But the problem is that some things will work for some people, while some things won't work for others. I like to read blogs and other articles online to see if I can gain new tips and tricks that will help me live better one day at a time. Sometimes I find several helpful ideas and tricks, and other times I will find something that sounds good but isn't practical to my own life. One big example of that is Flylady. I know that her ideas and tips work well for a lot of people, but I cannot follow her system to a tee. I took bits and pieces and made it work for me. Other things that work for me are:

1. MENU PLANNING-- this is actually a new discovery. I have tried and tried over the years to do menu planning and never stuck to it. That is because usually I am only cooking for myself and Rebecca. And she is picky! :) Well I decided a couple weeks ago that I needed to plan out our meals because she was eating way too many chicken nuggets and hot dogs and there were many nights where I wouldn't eat until 10 or 11 and then it wasn't healthy. I had to come to terms with the fact that the meals didn't have to be extravagant or even huge. A simple grilled chicken and veggie would be better than what we had been eating.

2. MAKE MY BED EVERYDAY--- I have discovered that if I make my bed everyday that it sets the tone of the day. If it is made, I seem to have more energy and just feel better. If it doesn't get made, I feel sluggish and just blah.

3. GO GROCERY SHOPPING ALONE--- I have started leaving the kids at home with Bill while I go grocery shopping alone. This helps me match up the sales and my coupons and gives me an hour where I am alone with my thoughts. It is so much easier to buy the items needed for the best price when you are not dealing with keeping an eye on the kids.

4. STRAIGHTENING UP EVERY NIGHT HELPS A LOT--- Before Rebecca gets her bath and bedtime started, I make her pick up all her toys and books and put them away. This helps TREMEDOUSLY!!!! After the kids go to bed, I try to make sure that all the flat surfaces are clean of clutter and stuff and that the dishes are done. This helps me to relax at night and helps me feel good that I can wake up to a mostly clean house. When this doesn't get done, then I wake up knowing I have a lot to do and I feel weighed down.

These are just a few things that help me to live better one day at a time. What helps you live better one day at a time?


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