Buying something for me!

In July, I received 2 gift cards for my birthday. I have a hard time buying myself anything or knowing what to spend them on....(but at the same time, I would rather get gift cards than some present that I hate or would never use...) Typically I end up not buying myself anything and using them on the kids or just using them on groceries or something. I am going to try to use these on me and focus on me! I used part of one to buy my new body pillow and cover, a can opener, and some new kitchen rags. Exciting? Not really, but needed. Well today I just realized what I would spend some of the gift card on....

On September 14, 2010 my favorite author releases his next book!! I am SUPER excited. I love this author and while I am trying to keep my book collection down ( I got rid of a TON of books before we moved), I have every book this author has released and have re-read them all many times! So on Sept.14, 2010 I will be buying....

I am super excited. His books make me cry and laugh and cry some more, but I love them.
I am also considering looking into which books have been turned into movies and collecting those as well. I have a couple of them, like The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and Message in a Bottle. I know there are more though.


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