So this week was my first week of work. I am working in the SAACP program afterschool.  I had orientation on Monday. I worked Wednesday afternoon, and the kids stayed home with Bill, who had the day off. I worked Friday afternoon and the kids stayed with my mom. The job is very easy and  I think the biggest challenge I will have is dealing with some of the kids' attitudes. Some of the kids' have major attitude problems. I think that I will enjoy it though. It is easy money as far as I am concerned. The kids do snack time, homework time, and play/activity time. And Fridays are movie day and special snack day. The first week though overall went well! :)

There was one setback. I had to get fingerprints done and so I went and had them done on Thursday. They said that they were accepted, but then we got a phone call yesterday afternoon and said that one of the fingerprints didn't take....and of course they called after the place to get them done had closed. So I have to go get them redone next week. Oh well. That is life I guess. Not everything can go perfect :)


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