Menu Plan--August 2- 8, 2010

So last week didn't go so well again. SIGH... But that just means things will be switched over to this week. This is how I did last week:

Monday: leftovers/ chicken fried rice, melon--had this

Tuesday: hamburgers, fruit--nope, had leftovers I think. (can't remember)

Wednesday: (my b-day): hot dogs, fruit-- nope. Ended up going out to dinner with my parents for my b-day

Thursday: dinner out with my in-laws for my b-day-- yep, went to dinner with my hubby, kids and inlaws.

Friday: grilled chicken, broccoli, pineapple---nope, we had leftovers from the dinners out and from Subway lunch that we had at the park that afternoon

Saturday: fish, corn, applesauce-- nope, the kids and I spent the day in Utica with my parents and we met Bill for dinner at Roosters.

Sunday: leftovers or pizza night-- Yep, we had pizza.

Overall last week was a nightmare on our diet. We ate out way too much (although we didn't have to pay for any of the eating out! :) We shall see what this week brings with me going back to work and not sure of what my schedule will be. But here is the plan:

MONDAY: grilled chicken, peas, and apples
TUESDAY: fish, corn, applesauce, tomatoes and cucumbers
WEDNESDAY: macaroni and cheese, green beans and fruit
THURSDAY: spaghetti and garlic bread
FRIDAY: turkey sandwiches, apples
SATURDAY: leftovers/ pizza
SUNDAY: leftovers/ pizza

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