So last week I did a little better than the week before...Here's how last week went:
MONDAY: grilled chicken, peas, and apples--Yes

TUESDAY: fish, corn, applesauce, tomatoes and cucumbers--nope, can't remember what we had, but it wasn't fish.
WEDNESDAY: macaroni and cheese, green beans and fruit--yes but with mixed veggies instead of green beans
THURSDAY: spaghetti and garlic bread--just had spaghetti, no garlic bread
FRIDAY: turkey sandwiches, apples--nope, had chicken nuggets and veggies
SATURDAY: leftovers/ pizza--yes
SUNDAY: leftovers/ pizza--yes. We had pizza. Sunday nights are turning into pizza and movie night, watching the hour long movie that NickJr. shows at 7pm.

So overall not too bad, but not too great either. I need to become more consistent. This is what I came up with for this week. I hope we can do this. What I did this time, was look ahead at the forecast to see what the weather was supposed to be like (HOT, HOT and HOT!!!). So we shall see how this week goes. Our menu for this week is:

MONDAY: lasagna with provolone and green beans
TUESDAY: hot dogs, baked beans, and peaches
WEDNESDAY: grilled chicken, peas (for the kid), green beans (for me), fruit
THURSDAY: BBQ pork sandwiches (think McRib from McDonalds), pasta salad, fruit (for us); spaghettios and fruit for Rebecca
FRIDAY: chicken tacos for us, chicken nuggets and veggies for Rebecca
SATURDAY: leftovers
SUNDAY: pizza

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