The Good, the Bad and the Ugly....

So time again for the Good, the Bad, the Ugly for the week of finances....

The Good:  I made a menu plan off the sales, shopped the sales and really didn't spend alot of money this week! I find that I go to the store just because I am bored and I usually end up buying a lot more that we don't need. This week I did one run to Kroger for groceries and spent about $80 but that was also stocking up on some things that were on major low price sale. We went to Walmart too on Friday but that was just to get a new pillow (due to the bat thing) and a new can opener. These things I bought using a gift card that I got for my b-day so no money spent there.

The Bad: We got our Directv bill. I have a definite love/hate relationship with this bill. I like having satellite because they offer programming for everyone and I know it is something that dear Hubby wants. I don't like this time of year when the football packages are added onto it. I will say that dear hubby is lucky this year. He called to cancel NFL Sunday Ticket and then he called to cancel the college football package. Well somewhere in there he was told that in order to get us to keep the college football they would take off $20 a month for 6 months. Okay ,whatever. Well we got the bill and they are doing it so we can keep the Sunday Ticket and the college football. I decided not to fight it because this is one thing that dear Hubby LOVES! He has also worked 3 extra days so that he can afford to pay for these packages. So while it is a bad financial move, I will let him keep them.

The Ugly: There really was no Ugly this week other than how I am feeling. I get down and depressed because of our finances at times and yet there are people that are facing so much more than I am. I found out yesterday that my college roommate's mom had died. I found out a couple days ago that a former teaching colleague of mine has uterine cancer and is really not doing well. I feel like such a heel sometimes because we are all healthy (knock on wood) and I just want the financial burdens to go away, but there are people that daily are facing life/death situations and here I am complaining about money. It makes me feel shallow at times.

So there is my good, bad and ugly for the week. What is yours?


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