So another week has come and gone. I think that trying to find a menu plan and sticking with it has helped me to eat better and made my life a little simpler and has helped each day to live a little better. Another way is to review the previous week to see what worked and what didn't before making this weeks menu. So last week, this is how I did.

MONDAY: lasagna with provolone and green beans--YEP!!

TUESDAY: hot dogs, baked beans, and peaches--YEP!!!
WEDNESDAY: grilled chicken, peas (for the kid), green beans (for me), fruit--YEP!!!

THURSDAY: BBQ pork sandwiches (think McRib from McDonalds), pasta salad, fruit (for us); spaghettios and fruit for Rebecca-- nope. We ended up meeting my parents for dinner. We had this on Friday instead!
FRIDAY: chicken tacos for us, chicken nuggets and veggies for Rebecca--Nope had Thursday's me
al, but had this on Saturday instead!
SATURDAY: leftovers--nope. Had Fridays dinner instead! :)
SUNDAY: pizza--YEP!!

So, overall I think I did AWESOME following the plan for the week! Let's hope I can keep this momentum up!

So for this week:

MONDAY: Bowtie noodles with homemade tomato sauce and green beans
TUESDAY: Teriyaki Chicken with rice, peas
WEDNESDAY: Fish sticks, green beans, fruit
THURSDAY: Cheeseburger macaroni and corn
FRIDAY: Macaroni and cheese and fruit
SATURDAY: leftovers
SUNDAY: pizza and fruit

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