Gifts for the kids for free using online resources

So in trying to keep the budget down, I am trying to use my internet time wisely and being creative with obtaining gifts for my children. Jacob and Rebecca's birthdays are coming up. Jacob's b-day is in October; Rebecca's b-day is in November. And then of course there is Christmas in December. So I have to be creative if I don't want to break the bank.

Over the course of this week, I have ordered 3 books for each child, and a puzzle for each child for FREE! How did I do it...

I ordered Rebecca a Melissa and Doug Underwater 48 piece floor puzzle from Amazon, using a $5 gift card I got in an email for ordering a magazine subscription over a year ago from Amazon magazines and a gift card I got using Swagbucks from So final price= FREE

I ordered a Melissa and Doug Safari Chunky Puzzle for Jacob using Pampers Gift to Grow points. So a puzzle for Jacob for FREE!!

I won $20 in children's books from from a blog giveaway from coupongeek. :) With that I ordered 6 books off Amazon. 3 for Rebecca and 3 for Jacob.
                                                             For Rebecca I ordered:

For Jacob, I ordered:

So a total of 6 books for FREE just for entering and winning a blogging giveaway! :)

I love getting free stuff and these purchases will really help with the birthday and Christmas budgets!

Have you ever gotten gifts for free using online resources?


  1. Yep.

    I have used for years (let me know if you are interested....if you go through my referral, I get extra points). I have gotten gift cards to give as Christmas presents, and one when our microwave broke and we needed to replace it. Currently I have over 13k, and I am debating on using it for ME, or towards house stuff.

    And I do swagbucks. Haven't redeemed them yet, but those will be for gift cards as Christmas gifts as well.

    Love it!

  2. I do too. I actually just cashed some in for gift card to Walmart to save for Christmas/b-day time as well. I love it! :)


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