Book Review: Sweet Rains by Nora Roberts

One of my favorite authors of all times is Nora Roberts. I have read many of her books but not all. I recently read Sweet Rains which is a reprint of two of her stories-- Second Nature, and Lessons Learned. Having never read either of these stories I was excited to find some new to me stories!

Second Nature tells the story of Lee Radcliffe, a high power staff reporter at "Celebrity" magazine. She prides herself on getting the scoop that no one else an get. Her latest project is to get the first ever interview with the reclusive, horror novelist Hunter Brown. After months of research that has lead to nothing but dead ends, Radcliffe get the tip that Brown is going to be a guest speaker at a writer's convention. Given that Radcliffe has a novel that she had begun to write, Lee signs up for the conference as a writer. What follows is a hilarious yet serious tale of living to be what you were born to be, loving even when it goes against what you think is the best parth and about finding the love of your life as you are finding out who you really are.

Lessons Learned tells the story of Juliet Trent, a publicist who has found herself on a cross country tour with a famous chef Carlo Franconi. Trent has her life path figured out, where she is going, how she will get there. Franconi is a world-renowned chef and cookbook author. He takes each day as it comes but is very smart with life lessons. He is also devastatingly handsome. He makes time for fun and life in his life. As the story unfolds, Franconi and Trent find themselves more than just professional business associates. They are complete opposites in professional personality, but personally they are very much alike. What follows is a story of love overcoming challenges that are faced by two driven individuals and how they learn to compromise with one another.

Second Nature kept me intrigued and kept me on the edge of my seat with surprises and twists that I could not see coming. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this story! Lessons Learned, in my opinion, was one of Nora Roberts' weaker stories. The story line was hard to stay interested in and at times I wanted to stop reading it as I was tired of what seemed to be the same problem being retold over and over. It was not one of my favorites. Overall, Sweet Rains, is some good and some bad. If and when I reread it, I will probably just reread "Second Nature" and leave "Lessons Learned" for someone else to read.


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