Letters of Intent--February 11, 2010


Foursons has a great weekly feature that she runs, called Letters of Intent. In it, she invites readers to write their own letters of intent and to link them up to her post. This week I have decided to join in....

Dear Motivation and Willpower,

Where, oh WHERE have you guys gone? Last week you stood right there by me. As I was watching what I ate, staying within my calorie count you were right there to keep me on track. As I was exercising each day, you were right there to keep me on track. You were right there with  me as I weighed in and had lost 4 lbs. So I ask again, WHERE ARE YOU?????

I NEED YOU TO COME BACK!!!! I have struggled this week with temptations galore. I ate Wendy's on Tuesday (and I was kind of good, I had a salad with lite ranch, a Jr. bacon cheeseburger and a diet coke)..but I could feel you wavering and leaving....I bought Tootsie Rolls at the store to eat. Thursday night we had McDonald's for dinner (as a treat for my kiddos who got shots at the doctors office (Rebecca got 5 and Jacob got 4)) and I chose to get the Big Mac Meal and eat the whole thing AND an apple pie. I didn't exercise on Wednesday because I just didn't want to. I had to FORCE myself to do 30 minutes on Thursday night.

WHERE ARE YOU????? Please come back. I was doing so well and now....well not so much. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come back!!!!!!!!


To read more letters of Intent please visit Foursons.


  1. I can totally relate to this. It is hard to fight temptations. Saturdays are my cheat days and some days are so hard for me to just wait. Good luck!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Once you find them, and I believe you will, would you please clone them and pass them along to me! Thanks! :)

  3. Oh I hate weeks like that. I went to a Lindt chocolate party last week and ordered truffles for Jon and I. This week was not great and the order came in. I dove in and am eating WAY too many!
    Remember, tomorrow is a new day. Forgive yourself the slipups and start fresh =)

  4. Julie, is right. Although it could also be winter blahs. I hope you find your motivation soon!

  5. Hi! Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... sent me your way!


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