Feb. 21-27 Menu Plan and Grocery Shopping

Each week I will post what I spend at the grocery store each week so that I will be accountable to you lovely readers as well as to myself and so that I can see how I am doing. I hope to spend on average $60 a week on groceries. I will also be posting my menu plan on Mondays as well (as part of Orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday series).

I think I may have to rethink our grocery budget. Prices around here have skyrocketed in the last month and it seems like no matter how hard I try I still spend $60-$70 a week on groceries. I am going to think about this and my update it to show a raise to $80 a week and include toiletries and household supplies in that as well.

This week's grocery list:
(I meant to take a picture instead of posting all the food stuff I bought but I forgot, maybe next week! :) KROGER:
12 pack Diet Coke (FREE)
2 pork chop bags
5 pack Mac and cheese
apple juice
chicken nuggets
3 boxes Capri Sun
2 boxes fruit snacks n(-$1.50 coupon)
2 boxes cereal bars (BOGO Free)
peanut butter
2 Manwich
Waffles (-$1.00 coupon)
2 Marie Callender frozen entrees (DH request)
frozen pizza
1.5 gallon whole milk (on manager special for $0.89 for 1/2 gallon)
1.5 gallon skim milk (on manager special for $0.89 for 1/2 gallon)
6 yogurt (-$0.80 coupon)
Swiss cheese
Total: $ 56.43 (for groceries)

Box of Luvs diapers (-$10.00 coupon)
Toilet Paper (-$1.50 coupon)
Colgate toothpaste (FREE after coupon)
poster board (for chore charts for Rebecca)
Total: $14.63 (for household stuff)


Now on to our menu....


This week we will be eating:

MONDAY: spaghetti with meat sauce

TUESDAY: pork chops, julienne potatoes, green beans

WEDNESDAY: fish, macaroni and cheese, peas

THURSDAY: chicken and cheese and stuffing casserole, broccoli, rolls

FRIDAY: hot dogs on buns, baked beans, and leftover mac n cheese

SATURDAY: leftovers/pizza

SUNDAY: chili, grilled cheese, carrots

For more great menu ideas please visit: orgjunkie.com!

Hope everyone has a great week of good food!!


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