Feb.14-20 Grocery Shopping and Menu Plan Monday

Each week I will post what I spend at the grocery store each week so that I will be accountable to you lovely readers as well as to myself and so that I can see how I am doing. I hope to spend on average $60 a week on groceries. I will also be posting my menu plan on Mondays as well (as part of Orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday series).

For the week of  February 14-20 , 2011:

2 gallons skim milk
1 gallon whole milk
2-liter Diet A&W rootbeer (after sale and coupon...$.28)
frozen lasagna
2 packs pork chops (on clearance)
Reese's Pieces
Nestle hearts (with sale and coupon...$1.00)
Honey Ham
Salad dressing (FREE)
2 boxes cake mix (on sale for $.77 each)
Orange juice
Frozen corn
Frozen peas
Frozen broccoli
Mozzarella cheese
Provolone cheese
4 jars spaghetti sauce (on sale for $1 each)
2 cans carrots
2 cans pears
1 can mixed veggies
yogurt (FREE)
Roasted red peppers
Instant mashed potatoes
brown rice
Taco shells
red onion
2 tomatoes
hamburger buns (on sale for $.25)
2 loaves wheat bread (on clearance for $0.49 each)
Sunday paper
Total: $65.22
Over budget by $5.22
I think this was because I bought the spaghetti sauce and the cake mix which was NOT on my list. I am okay with this as I am getting closer to reaching my $60 a week goal.

Now on to our menu....


This week we will be eating:

MONDAY: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!! Manwich Sandwiches, corn, peaches
TUESDAY: Tacos for hubby and I, grilled cheese and carrots for the kiddos

WEDNESDAY: lasagna, broccoli, and salad
THURSDAY: Ham and cheese stromboli (new recipe), marinara sauce, green beans, pears
FRIDAY: chicken primavera (new recipe) for hubby and I, chicken nuggets and peas for the kiddos
SATURDAY: Leftovers and/or Pizza

SUNDAY: Chicken and dumplings in the crockpot over mashed potatoes.
For more great menu ideas please visit: orgjunkie.com!

Hope everyone has a great week of good food!!


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