Sleep IS good

Over the last week I have been so tired and rundown. I thought it was because it was that time of the month for me, but the more I thought about it the more that didn't seem to make sense. Last night I had an AHA moment...Dear Hubby and I were talking and I told him I felt stressed and tense and tired. He told me that I looked exhausted and that I should take a long bubble bath and go to bed early. He had to work last night so this would occur after I put the kiddos in bed. I said "But I need to exercise and get some things done." He told me that the exercise wouldn't help if I was exhausted. After he left for work, I began to think about it. All week I had been stressed about lots of little things, I hadn't been sleeping well, I had been staying up late to exercise and to work on things on the computer, I hadn't been eating well....Basically I wasn't taking care of me. So......

Last night after I got Rebecca and Jacob put to bed, I turned out all the lights downstairs. Took my magazines that I had gotten in the mail and a new Children's book that I got to review and went upstairs, changed into my pj's and laid in bed to read. This was at 9:15. The last time I looked at the clock it was 9:45 and then I woke up at 12:45, got up and turned the light off and then woke up at 7:30 this morning. Today, I feel AWESOME!!!  I am not tired. I have energy and feel uplifted. To that end I need to start listening to my body and getting sleep. Because SLEEP IS GOOD FOR YOU!!!!


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