Feb.7- 13 Grocery shopping and Menu Plan Monday

Each week I will post what I spend at the grocery store each week so that I will be accountable to you lovely readers as well as to myself and so that I can see how I am doing. I hope to spend on average $60 a week on groceries. I will also be posting my menu plan on Mondays as well (as part of Orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday series).

For the week of  February 7- 13 , 2011:



12 pack diet pepsi
4- 12 packs mountain dew (for dear hubby!)
2 gallons skim milk ($3.47 a gallon--OUCH!!!)
1 gallon whole milk
2-apple juice
2- orange juice (used BOGO free coupon from Minute Maid facebook offer)
2- hot dogs (on sale for $1 a piece, originally were 4.29 each!)
Nestle crunch candy (-$1.50 coupon)
Tarter sauce
2- chicken nuggets (-$1.00 coupon)
Fish fillets
2- mandarin oranges
2- bags chicken tenders (-$1.00 coupon)
frozen pizza
american cheese
5 lbs. ground beef
chicken bag and season
pistachios (-$1.00 coupon)
(also used -$3 frozen coupon)
TOTAL: $75.04

Better than last week but still above the $60 I would love to keep it at. Ugghhh...Anyone have any suggestions??? Please???

I do know it was higher than I wanted because Dear Hubby HAD to have his Mountain Dew, and I needed Diet Pepsi for dinner guests next week. We were also out of meat in our freezer due to our pantry challenge in January, so I had to get beef and chicken. It is so hard to keep our grocery bill down. I am going to keep trying though! I will not give up and I will get it down!

Now on to our menu....


Last week's menu was a great success. We stuck to it! :)

This week we will be eating:

MONDAY: Baked pasta (meatless) with green beans

TUESDAY: Chili, grilled cheese, carrots

WEDNESDAY: Baked chicken (in a bag) with carrots and potatoes, green beans

THURSDAY: Fish fillets, macaroni and cheese, corn and peas

FRIDAY: Cheeseburger Macaroni and broccoli

SATURDAY: Leftovers and/or Pizza

SUNDAY: Not sure yet....My in-laws are coming into town for dinner and not sure if I am cooking or if we are going out.
For more great menu ideas please visit: orgjunkie.com!


Hope everyone has a great week of good food!!


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