Kid's Morning Routine

I have been in a rut when it comes to getting the kids ready for the day. Since we stay home most of the time, there have been many days where it was noon and the kids still were not dressed, hair not brushed, etc. and I was rushing around to get them dressed before my dear Hubby came home for lunch. They would eat breakfast then I would turn on cartoons and eat my own breakfast and check email...and time just got away from us. Something had to give.....

So I decided to come up with a morning routine (especially for Rebecca.)......

She loves her "Morning 5" chore chart. And after using is for this week, I love it as well! Our mornings get off to such a great start now! She must complete all 5 things before she can play or watch any cartoons.

Here are my kids' Morning 5:

  1. Eat Breakfast
  2. Get Dressed
  3. Brush Teeth
  4. Brush Hair
  5. Make Bed
I take my shower and get dressed before the kids get up. Then I eat breakfast and check email after Rebecca makes her bed while I turn on cartoons for 1 hour.

To make the chart, I used 1/2 of a poster board, pictures that I printed off of Google, construction paper and glue. It was so easy and CHEAP to make and it is worth it!!


  1. Genuis! I think that would be wonderful. We are the same way. We come down stairs, the kids aren't hungry so I eat and check email while they watch TV. Then they eat. Then we play. And before I know it, it's lunch time and we're all still in PJs. I think I need to make one of these....

    By the way, thanks for linking up to Friendly Wednesday!


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