Dreaming of Vacations....

Finances are tight. It is snowy and cold. Which means that I am dreaming of vacations....lol... I would love to go somewhere this summer with Bill and the kids. But I really don't see that happening since we are saving up to pay for Rebecca's pre-k tuition, and we will probably be moving in May or June. (We are renting and we are looking for another rental that is closer to my work and that is cheaper to heat than this house). But one can still dream....

Some of the places I love to visit and would love to take my kids include:

Anywhere that has a beach! LOL. I love the beaches of North Carolina, especially the Atlantic Beach/ Emerald Isle area. Maybe one day we can afford to take the kids. The last time I was there I was pregnant with Rebecca and we went with my parents and siblings, and sister-in-law and niece.

Pittsburgh, PA
I know, I know it is quite ordinary. I love the city though and there is so much of it that I have not seen. The last time we were there I was pregnant with Jacob and Bill had to be taken to the emergency room for what we thought was a heart problem, but thankfully turned out to be gall stones! I would love to go back and get to enjoy the city and take in some of the museums, etc.

Gatlinburg, TN
I LOVE the Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge area of Tennesee. Bill and I went on our honeymoon to Gatlinburg and we went again when Rebecca was 2 or so. It was so much fun and I KNOW my kids would really LOVE the aquarium...

Maybe one day we can afford to take a vacation. I wish it was sooner...but one can dream right? If you could take a vacation where would you go?



  1. We are slooowly saving for DISNEY next year!! I am SO excited. I wanted to go this year, but luckily hubby has a head on his shoulders and knows we can't afford it this year. :) Next year it is and we will pay 100% in CASH!

    Thanks for linking up to Friendly Wednesday! I'm already following you :)



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