Apple picking with the kids

Last Sunday, Bill and I decided to that we needed to do a family activity, as life has been crazy busy and we just haven't been able to do something fun with the whole family in a while with no schedule and no worries. So we decided to go apple picking.

We packed the kids up and headed to an orchard about 20 minutes away from our house. We are so blessed that we live within driving distance of some great u-pick farms and orchards.

I wasn't sure how the boys would like apple picking, but knew that Rebecca would like it. Well the boys LOVED it!

We picked apples that I knew that we would delicious and golden delicious apples!

We took advantage of the great weather and got some cute photos too!

Benjamin was hilarious. I took him out of his stroller and showed him how to grab apples off the tree. Well he burst out laughing every time we plopped one off the tree and then handed it to him. He thought that was the greatest thing in the world!

Overall it was a great family day! And I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my hubby as well!

We ended up picking just shy of 30 pounds of apples! We have eaten a few. I am attempting to make crockpot applesauce today, and I have plans to make at least 2 pies with some of the apples as well!

Do you pick apples? What is your favorite thing to do with apples?


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