Happy 4th birthday Jacob!

4 years ago Bill took me to the hospital because I was having some pains and being 37 weeks pregnant and having a high risk pregnancy meant that you went to the hospital. After leaving Rebecca with Bill's parents (who lived 10 minutes from the hospital), we went up to labor and delivery to be seen. It was around 8:30 at night. They did all kinds of tests and none seem to say that I was in labor. They thought maybe I was dehydrated, etc. Finally, the nurse talked to the doctor and he ordered one more test to be done before I could be released to go home. Well as soon as she did the test, I ended up going into active labor! I had to have an emergency c-section, as Jacob was breech and was in such a position that it would physically not be possible to deliver him naturally. I remember that we had to wait until 1am as I had eaten pancakes for dinner that night and we had to wait 8 hours since I ate before the surgery. I was scared to death! We decided not to tell anyone that Jacob was being born, instead calling Bill's parents and telling them that I was being kept overnight for observation. Early on October 11, 2009 Jacob William Davis entered the world, weighing 8lbs 10 oz.  and he was 21 inches long.

Today, he is an active, strong willed, stubborn 4 year old who captures my heart daily. In the past year, he has learned to be potty trained. He has learned to love slides and playing sports. And he is learning to be a great big brother! He is an amazing 4 year old and I love him dearly!

Happy 4th birthday Jacob! Mommy and Daddy, Gaga and Benjamin love you!


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