Chasin' Cheeky playdate with friends

This past weekend, we had some friends over to try out some games and for lunch. We invited Benjamin's Godparents over and their kids for some Sunday fun!

We had a simple lunch of hot dogs and chili...along with the new Cheetos Simply Natural White cheddar puffy puffs!

Everyone loved the puffs, especially Benjamin's Godfather, who ate 2 single size bags! He said they were delicious. I thought they were milder in flavor than I would have liked. The kids loved them. My friend, Amanda, said that she was happy that they didn't leave white residue all over her fingers. I might buy these again for the family, however they would be an occasional treat as they are a little more expensive than the regular Cheetos.

After lunch, we settled back to watch the kids play some games.

First up was "Chasin' Cheeky." The premise is that the rings are tossed around and the kids have to take the rings and put them on the monkey's tail as the monkey moves around. Whomever gets all three of their rings on and pulls the banana out of the monkey's mouth wins. The kids had fun with this game. I was disappointed in that only 2 could play at a time. I think it would be much more fun if 4 could play at a time.

Then the kids had fun playing the classics.... Hi Ho Cherry-O and Memory. These were newer versions and while they are classic games, the format has been changed. In Hi-Ho Cheery-O, only 3 people can play now at once, while in the original version 4 kids could play. Also the board was made much cheaper.

In Memory, the pictures were very cute and the kids loved playing with them.

Overall it was a fun afternoon, made possible by!

Disclaimer: I was sent free products in exchange for hosting a house party. All opinions of products are my own.


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