Hubby's work situation

This week has been pretty stressful around our house. Hubby has been put in a work situation that is causing him a lot of stress and anxiety…and that is carrying over into our personal life. For those of you who don't know...Bill is the sports editor at the newspaper based in our town.

Basically he is convinced that his boss is out to have him fired. I will admit that when we have talked about his job and he has presented me with what has been going on at work, that I have to believe that what he says is true. Well yesterday Bill came home highly upset and anxious.He had another run in with his boss.

Finally, we had a talk and I told him that if he felt that he was being called to look for a different position then I would support his decision. I hope that I am doing the best that I can to support him but there are times that I don’t know that I am. I don’t know how I can support him….I just don’t know….

While I was at work, Bill texted me and told me that he was going to apply to different newspapers out of the area. I pray that whatever is meant to happen will…I don’t really want to move our family out of our area but if I have to, I will.

Just praying for some clarity....

If anyone knows that a newspaper in your area is hiring for a sports editor, please let me know....



  1. I hope he finds something or his current situation changes super soon, that sounds unpleasant at best. Thinking of you guys!

    1. Thanks Erin. His current situation doesn't look like it will be changing anytime soon....I just pray that something good comes out of it.


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