Last night while I was at work, I got a phone call from my hubby. Now he only calls if there is an emergency, and he knows not to call after 5 as I am almost always unavailable from 5-6. Well yesterday he called around 5:15. I answered the phone and he asked if there was any way I could come home because Jacob was crying, sounding like he was having trouble breathing and he was almost throwing up too and Bill didn't know what to do. So I called my boss, asked her to come back in to work (she lives 2 minutes away). As soon as she got there I came home.

I took Jacob's temperature and it was 102. I asked Bill to take Jacob to Urgent Care because of his fever, that it came on suddenly and the fact that he was breathing weird. I stayed home with Benjamin and Rebecca. I also asked him to take the car, so I could have the van just in case. (Jacob had a runny nose and an occasional cough earlier that day but his energy level was high and he was playing and running around like he normally does).

Well after half an hour, Bill called to say that they were sending him to the ER to get a chest x-ray due to the breathing and because Jacob's temp was 104. I asked him if he wanted me to come and he said not right then. About an hour later he texted that they had just taken blood and that they were still waiting for the xray. I told him I was getting a babysitter then I would be there.

I again called my boss, who is also a very, very good friend and Benjamin's godmother and asked her to come sit with Ben and Rebecca. She graciously was over in less than 5 minutes (she lives a block away). I headed over the ER. Jacob started crying when I came in.

They had given him motrin for his fever, and they took a strep test and a flu test. Shortly thereafter they came to take him to do the chest x-ray. When they got the results of the chest x-ray, they found out that he had developed pneumonia in one of his they started him on an IV antibiotic, an IV steroid, they gave him oxygen and had given him 2 breathing treatments. They was talk of transferring him to Children's hospital in Columbus if they couldn't get his oxygen levels to stay at 90. Thankfully with the antibiotic and steriod and breathing treatments, we were able to come home late last night.

Jacob was such a trouper...he didn't like having his blood drawn or the IV put in, and he HATED having the oxygen tube in but he was a real trooper and once I got in the hospital bed with him and allowed him to cuddle up next to me, he seemed to do much better.

We moved Jacob's mattress in next to our bed, and he slept fitfully last night. The good news is he doesn't seem to have a fever this morning. But he is not himself....he is laying around and just no energy. We have to keep a close eye on his breathing and make sure he doesn't get worse. Bill is getting his medicines filled as we speak. I pray that Jacob doesn't get worse....


  1. Awww.. poor sweet baby! :( I hope Jacob is feeling better soon.. he'll be in my prayers. **hugs**

  2. Oh my goodness! Prayer your way, that is awful and way too intense for anyone. Let alone a little angel baby.


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