Volley for Life event

Last night, my daughter's school held a "Volley for Life" event to help raise money for our school's Relay for Life team. I am a part of our school's team and so I took the kids to the event to help raise money!

Basically, they held an exhibition of the 4th through 8th grade volleyball teams playing each other. There was also concessions, including cancer ribbon cookies, etc. Another member of our team, who makes and sells jewelry, was selling her bottlecap necklaces with cancer ribbons on them, with all proceeds going to our Relay for Life team.

Getting ready to head to work and show my support for the Volley for Life event

My brother (the kid in yellow in the middle of the picture) hitting the ball over the net!
His team (the 6th and 8th grade boys team) won the exhibition!

My dad and Rebecca taking in the volleyball action

Me and my youngest brother Josh, who played in the games with his team.

It was a fun night! Rebecca, Jacob and Benjamin had a blast and I was so happy to see that our school gym was packed! It was nice to be able to see my little brother play volleyball probably for the last time as a member of St. Vincent's team. And all for a good cause!  I don't know the total raised, but judging by the number of people there, I would say the night was a huge success!

Are you involved in charity causes? What is your favorite charity to give to?  


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