Looky what I got in the mail.....and a surprise dinner out....

I almost titled this post: "When being spontaneous pays off"

Take these two examples:

First up is a gift I received in the mail.

I don't always like getting the mail....especially when I am expecting bills or something like that. Well last week I had a surprise waiting for me when I opened our door to collect our mail for the day.
There was a priority mail box waiting for me on the front porch....

Inside was a bunch of stuff that I won from a blogging giveaway from Sluggy over at "DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING!!!!". I won one of her giveaways! I was super excited because most of the things in the box were items that our family uses! Here is what was in the box:

THANK YOU SLUGGY!!!! You made my day! :)
Secondly was something that happened yesterday:
Yesterday I got another surprise. Before going into work, I made a meat loaf and scalloped potatoes for dinner so that Bill could feed the boys before I came home. (I worked 2-6pm). Well, around 4:45 I get a text from Bill saying "Want to go to dinner w friends tonight?" Ummm...okay....
We are not normally let's drop everything and do things like this, as we have 3 kids and there is a process to getting things done.
Well long story short, one of the guys that works for Bill and his wife, wanted to treat Bill, the kids and I to dinner at a new Greek restaurant that just opened in our area. Bill originally wanted to just go with just him and I, but we could not get a babysitter at the last minute (although my hubby did try!)  so we ended up taking the kids too. It turned out to be a really nice evening. The food was great! The conversation was fun, and it was nice to go out with friends.
Sometimes it is nice to just throw caution to the wind and do things spontaneously as you never know. I didn't start reading Sluggy's blog until about 2 months ago so I wasn't even sure I would enter her contest, but I thought why not? I read it. I may not be an old reader, but I could still win and I did. I normally would say frown upon going out at the last minute, but instead I said we could have meatloaf tonight and we had a fun night out with friends.
What have you done spontaneously recently?


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