Making Jack-o-lanterns

A few weeks ago, I let Rebecca and Jacob each pick a pumpkin at Aldi when then had them on sale of $1.99 each. The pumpkins were huge! I figured they would last until we could carve them to make jack-o-lanterns if we kept them inside....and they did.

Well Sunday was the day to make our pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.

First off, Bill and I had to help the kids take all the guts and seeds out of the their pumpkins. Rebecca did help clean out her pumpkin, but Jacob wanted no part in it. He just kept saying it was yucky!


After they were all cleaned out, I helped Jacob draw his face on his pumpkin. He said he wanted a sad jack-o-lantern, with triangle eyes and a circle nose. Then I helped him cut his face out of the pumpkin.

Rebecca drew her own face on hers. Then Bill helped her cut hers out.

Later that night, we put them on the porch with candles inside and we officially have our 2013 jack-o-lanterns! I think they turned out pretty good!



Do you allow your kids to make jack-o-lanterns?
Do they do the work, or do you as parent do the work?


  1. Yes, we carved pumpkins! Tons of fun. Yours are super cute though, just like your kids!


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