Crazy to do list today--updated

I have updated this with what I have accomplished....

Right now, Bill has Rebecca at her softball game. I stayed home with the boys as Jacob was acting up this morning and I kept him home to clean his and Benjamin's room. I also have a mile long to do list that is overwhelming....

Today I would like to accomplish:

  • Laundry--LOTS of laundry from this week, currently working on load #3 with at least 3 more loads to go.
  • Kitchen
    • unload and reload the dishwasher
    • clean microwave 
    • start to clean oven (see how much stuff I can get off with a scouring pad, without having to use chemicals)
    • put away piles on counters
    • sweep and mop
    • dust
    • menu plan for this upcoming week
  • Mudroom/ Pantry
    • put all shoes away in closet
    • sweep and mop
    • dust
  • Dining room
    • dust
    • sweep and mop
    • wipe down tables and chairs
  • Living Room
    • dust
    • clean out from under couch, loveseat and chair (to find missing toys)
    • sweep and mop
  • Stairs
    • sweep
  • Upstairs and downstairs bathrooms
    • dust
    • clean toilets
    • trash out
    • sweep and mop
  • Bedrooms
    • straighten up
    • beds made
    • sweep
  • Other
    • go through at least one tote of Halloween stuff to list on facebook sell page
    • clean out van once Rebecca and Bill get back home
  • Blog
    • write and schedule 2 book reviews
I told you it is crazy and overwhelming.....I am just taking a break to check facebook, then it is back to work for me. 

What are you up to today? 


  1. I feel your pain... my days are like this as well! Hope you found some time to rest & relax!!

  2. Yikes! That list is huge! Hope it went/goes well and that you have time for reading. :)

  3. On the bright side you got most of it done so good going!! I try to spread my chores out a bit more over the course of the week. Laundry was on the agenda today as electricity rates are lower on the weekend. This morning I went on a 10km hike!


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