Softball Runner-ups!

This past weekend was CRAZY busy with softball tournament games for Rebecca. It was a double elimination tournament, meaning if they lost twice then they were done.

Rebecca's team entered the tournament as the number 2 team in the league and they got a first round bye. She had to play her first game at 2:30. They lost the first game, so then they had to come back and play at 5:30. The 5:30 game they won, so they had to play again on Sunday.

Sunday morning she had to be at the ball field at 10:30 for warm ups for an 11:30 game start time. If her team kept winning there was the possibility that she would be playing in at least 3 games back to back. Because of this I asked a friend of mine and her husband to come and babysit Jacob and Benjamin as I know they would not want to be out in the sun at the ball field all day long.

The first game went well. Rebecca's team won by a landslide. The other team only had 8 players, out of their 12, show up and although they tried hard, Rebecca's team was just better (and we were only missing 1 girl). That game lasted 1 hour 20 minutes. The girls got a 10 minute break to eat and go to the bathroom before the second game as to start. A parent went and got cheeseburgers from McDonald's for all the girls and coaches so they could eat, which I thought was really nice.

The second game, in which the winner would go to the championship game and the loser would be in 3rd place,  was a nail-biter. We were playing the team that had beaten us in the first game the day before. The score kept going back and forth, and the game went to extra innings. The game took over 2 hours to play, but in the end Rebecca's team was able to pull off the victory! It was a great game though! (In Rebecca's league the 8 and under teams are supposed to play 5 innings or 1.5 hours whichever comes first. In the regular season, they could end in a tie, however in the tournament they had to keep playing).

The Championship game was supposed to start right after but the umps had the grounds crew come out and fix home plate and grate the field down, I think so they could rest too. It gave our girls time to rest for a few minutes, get sprayed down with a hose as they were HOT and enjoy Popsicles from another parent.

The Championship game was against a team which was unbeaten all season. When Rebecca's team played them in the regular season, Rebecca's team got beat by at least 7-8 runs each time. We were just thrilled to be in the Championship, but deep down we were afraid our girls were going to be too tired after playing all day to get there. Let me tell you, it was another GREAT game! We were actually up by one run going into the bottom of the fifth, but the other team just got 3 extra base hits in a row that allowed them to win by 1 run!

Rebecca's team came in 2nd which I think is AWESOME! For fall ball, the first and second place teams get t-shirts. Also after they got shirts, her coach had all the girls come to the dugout and he said the umpire had given him a game ball to give to whomever he thought was the most valuable player. Well, he said he couldn't do that because they all had played their best and were all most valuable. He proceeded to give each girl a softball! I thought that was really great of the coach.

The team Rebecca played on did really well, and individually Rebecca did too! Rebecca had several hits on Sunday and a couple RBIs! She also did really well playing in the outfield. I am so proud of my little softball girl!!


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