The Legacy Letters by Carew Papritz

Book description: 

A tragedy begins. A husband and wife separate. He's dying. She doesn't know. She's pregnant. He can't return. Now he races against time--In the solitude of a mountain cabin. In a faraway mountain range. Trying to finish . . . 

For his children--his captivating stories and memories, turned into practical, moral, and spiritual instructions, now their "guidebook to life." 

For his wife--his intimate words of great love and deep regret, now his journey of redemption, now her passage to forgiveness. Ultimately, he gives his final gift to her, to them, and now, to us all. The Legacy Letters.

My thoughts: 

I enjoyed reading The Legacy Letters immensely. This is like a pocket guide to life. The story behind the letters is immensely sad and at the same time inspiring. The father who wrote these letters is trying to convey his wisdom and his guide to life to his "Little Ones," the twin children he has never met and will never meet due to his dying from a terminal illness, as well as to his estranged wife. It is his attempt to be able to guide his children as they grow. I found that he was full of real life wisdom as well as emotion and humor that makes the reader feel that they are right there with him as he is writing to his children. You, as the reader, can take the words of wisdom and the life lessons and use them to enhance your own lives. 

I would highly recommend this book.

I received a free copy of this book from New Shelves Distribution and it's author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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