Things on my mind

What a has been crazy busy and I think that is just the way that life is right now, as I don't see it slowing down any in the near future.

Monday I grocery shopped, and took Ben to speech then went to work. Tuesday, I did some laundry and worked, then met Bill, Rebecca and the boys at the softball field for Rebecca's game, then home to give baths and eat. Wednesday, I had to get the kids up very early so we could drop Rebecca and Jacob off at early care at 7, so we could go to Columbus for an appointment for Ben at 830. We got back from Columbus at 1:15, picked Jacob up, then home, then I had to be back to work at 2:15. Yesterday, I got caught up on some book reviews and did some housework before heading into work. Today, I have done work shopping and American Heritage girl shopping in store, ordered Halloween costumes for Rebecca and Jacob online, and am getting ready to head into work early for an in service meeting. Thank God tonight is easy dinner (pizza) and movie night for the kiddos.

Work has been crazy busy. We are averaging at least 35 kids a night in K-8 with anywhere from 4-10 preschoolers. Unlike previous years, this is for EVERY day, so there really is no room for downtime at work, which is good, but is also tiring. We do have a good group of kids though so I don't dread going into work. We are getting our state inspection next week so that has added a new layer of stress this week as we have to prepare and make sure all our ducks are in a row.

Speaking of school, Jacob is loving preschool and he talks my ear off when I pick him up about what they did and what fun he had. Rebecca is also loving school and everything is about dinosaurs now. She is infatuated with dinosaurs, as that is what her class is working on for their knowledge fair projects. (which reminds me I think I might stop and rent "Walking with Dinosaurs" tonight for the kids to watch!....)

Benjamin continues to worry me. We had a 2+ hour developmental delay evaluation testing done on Wednesday at Children's Hospital in Columbus. We will meet with the doctor in a month to get the results.... He is behind on speech and not quite catching up like everyone thinks he should and he has some tendencies that my other 2 did not have that have caught his pediatricians and his speech therapist's eyes. In the meantime, he has such a strong personality and he wants things his way...for example, today I wanted him to walk from the van to the store, as he is 50 lbs and is almost getting too heavy for me to carry... well half way across the lot, he went completely lax and did not want to walk. I stood firm though and made him walk and he was NOT happy with me..... I love him dearly, but there are times he is a handful.

Speaking of shopping, Bill and I decided that the month of October was going to be a low spend month and we are only going to eat out twice (Jacob's birthday and Trick or treat night as these are traditions). We are also going to be eating down the food in our freezers (I was inspired by The Frugal Girl, who is currently eating down her freezer). I will try to update this weekend when I clean it out and take inventory.

I have a busy weekend planned. We have softball Saturday morning. I need to make and decorate an American Heritage Girls cake for Sunday, we have church, Rebecca and I have a day of service for American Heritage Girls on Sunday... and my house needs cleaned from top to bottom. It has become a mess, and I would like to be able to decorate a little for fall. I bought a few things at the dollar store to make it more festive in here. I would also like to be able to read a little bit, as I have had no time or energy to read this past week and I miss it.

So there you have it...a few things that are on my mind today. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.

Is there anything on your mind? 


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