Draw- A- Saurus: Everything you need to know to draw your favorite dinosaurs


Prehistoric Pencil Power!
Even though they lived some 65 million years ago, dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles continue to rule today. From movies to comics and cartoons, these ancient, giant beasts are everywhere you turn. Of course, who wants to just read about or watch these dinos when you can learn how to use pencils, pens, markers, and more to draw your very own? 

Cartoonist James Silvani combines easy-to-follow art exercises with the latest, greatest dino-facts to help you create fun and cool dinosaur doodles all by yourself. With lessons on old favorites like T-rex and stegosaurus, as well as lesser-known (but still awesome) creatures like the massive argentinosaurus, Draw-a-Saurus has everything the dinosaur fan could ever ask for (outside of their very own pet dino!).


I was excited when I got the opportunity to review this book. In my daughters and son's school, the second grade class spends the year doing projects and research on dinosaurs. Since Rebecca is in 2nd grade this year and she loves art, I thought this would be the perfect book for her. Before it arrived, Rebecca was assigned the pterodactyl as her dinosaur for the year. When Draw-A-Saurus arrived, I surprised her with it and she immediately got paper and set out to draw some dinosaurs. She LOVED the book. 

I loved that the dinosaurs are shown step by step and there are a wide variety of dinosaurs shown in the book. I love that Mr. Silvani includes useful facts about the dinosaurs that both children and adults can find interesting. Among the chapters, Silvani shows how to draw theropods including the T-rex, sauropods including the apatosaurus, armored dinosaurs including the triceratops, ornithopods including the iguanodon, and other prehistoric creatures including flying reptiles. I love that Mr. Silvani shows how to draw them realistically, but also encourages the kids or whomever is drawing them to make the pictures their own even if they are not then realistic. 

Rebecca has spent hours drawing dinosaurs since we received this book. It is definitely a keeper in our house and a must have for anyone who likes dinos! 

One of the pictures Rebecca has drawn with help from "Draw-A-Saurus"
DISCLAIMER: I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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