Benjamin got a big boy bed!

Benjamin is our last child. We are done having children and our family is  complete with the 3 children that we have. That being said, when he goes through a milestone it is bittersweet for our family. This weekend, another milestone has occurred. 

We decided that it was time for Benjamin to transition from his crib to a big boy bed. Most people were still amazed he was still in his crib. But, he has only tried to climb out once and that was a year ago and he fell out of it and has never tried since. But at 3 years old, it was time. 

A few weeks ago, I ordered Benjamin a matching bed to the one that Jacob has. We got it in less than a week. Then we had to get a mattress. I did not want to spend a small fortune on a twin mattress, however I also didn't want to just order any mattress online that was less than $100 and with no good reviews. When we bought Jacob's bed, we lucked out and got a Serta mattress at Big Lots for $99. It is a good high quality mattress. I decided to check online and Big Lot's still had Serta twin mattress for $99.99. A couple of weeks ago, Bill took Benjamin into the closest city with a Big Lots (around 45 minutes away) for some blood work. Unfortunately, they were out, and the manager said they were selling like hotcakes.  Today, Bill found himself available this afternoon, so he decided to call over and see if they had any instock. The manager said he had gotten a big shipment of them in this morning, so Bill headed out to get one. Bill said when he got his, there was only 1 mattress they are still selling like hotcakes. 

Once he got it home, Bill disassembled the crib. Then he had to clear out a spot in the basement to store it, which involved taking some broken shelves and things to the garage. Then taking the crib down to the basement, with the intention of passing it along if/when we know someone who needs a crib. Then Bill had to assemble Benjamin's new bed and then I got to put his new sheets, etc. on it. 

Then it was time to reveal the bed to Benjamin. He absolutely LOVED it. He kept going from one side to the other and smiling.

At bed time, Benjamin was a little scared and cried because he did not have his crib. He got out of his bed 3 times and I had to go back in and put him back to bed. The 3rd time, he got out, turned the bedroom light on and went to play. I just went in, turned the light off and put him back to bed. And Benjamin went to sleep! He did wake up twice in the night...once he cried for a minute but was not out of his bed. The other time, he cried and climbed out of his bed to the door, but I just picked him up, gave him a hug and put him back to bed. And he went back to sleep.

Can't believe my little boy is growing up! 


  1. He is such a cutie and its great that he was so excited to get a new bed. I always worried that my kids would flip out and not want to sleep in the new big bed.

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