Sunday-- Easter baskets with the kids and dinner with the grandparents

Easter Sunday the kids woke us up wondering if the Easter bunny had come to visit them. Well he did. He left a note for Benjamin and a map where to find his basket (in the living room, in plain sight next to the toy bins). Next to Benjamin's basket was a note to Jacob about where to find his basket (which was hidden in the downstairs bathroom). When Jacob found his basket, there was a note but NO map to where Rebecca's basket was (it was hidden in the basement on top of the washer). The kids had a blast looking for their baskets and they LOVED what was in them. 

Benjamin received a small chocolate bunny, a cookie, a couple Thomas the Train toys, a new Mickey Mouse cup with a straw, a new book, a couple Paw Patrol bath squirters and a calculator. 

Jacob received a sketch pad, a box of markers, a new book, a small chocolate bunny, a cookie, an Avengers cup with some carrot shaped chocolate in it, a small art set, and 2 Power Rangers action figures.

Rebecca received a small chocolate bunny, a spongebob art kit, new headbands, a Spongebob chapter book, a cookie, a Spongebob cup with a few carrot shaped chocolates in it, and a set of Spongebob toys that included Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton from the movie "Sponge Out of Water."

The kids were thrilled with their baskets and didn't even notice the lack of candy in them. While they were exploring their baskets, I baked off some cinnamon rolls and we had that and fruit for breakfast.

 Around 2, we left to go to my parent's house. I was in charge of all the food for dinner, except for the ham and turkey. So we had to go over early so I could make the food. 

After my brother and his family showed up, the kids had another Easter egg hunt put on by my parents and my sister and brother. They got so much candy that it was not funny. 

After the Easter egg hunt, we sat down for dinner. The food was good and the laughter was better.  For dinner we had ham, turkey, augratin potatoes, green beans, yams, rolls, ranch pasta salad and fruit salad.

After dinner, the kids went back outside to play as the weather was gorgeous, while we were cleaning up the kitchen. Then my mom decided she wanted to take pictures of the different families and the grandkids, etc. 

After the grand picture taking session, we went back in for birthday cake for Benjamin and presents for Ben. We were celebrating his birthday with this side of the family today, as my mom was in South Carolina on his actual birthday. Ben got another Thomas set and some much needed shorts and summer pajamas. 

After cake, we just sat around and talked and laughed and looked at old photos. The kids ran around like they were nuts and then they played on the Wii with my sister and my brother's girlfriend. 

Overall, it was a relaxed, family fun filled, Easter day! 


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