Restarting that weight loss thing....

 I have been really bad. I haven't weighed in here since January 28!! I have been so bad! On January 28 I weighed in at 224.6lbs. I would like to say that I  am still at the weight, but that is not the case. The previous 2.5 months have been bad with my eating and with Easter candy and stress eating, etc. I know that and it is really hard to have chocolate in the house and not eat it. 

After not feeling well this past Sunday, I decided that something needed to change. I NEED to make a change, not only for me but also for my family. My mother is having heart issues again. I don't want that to be me and I don't want to put my husband and kids through what is going on with my mother. I NEED to make a change. My pants don't want to fit very well right now and it is coming up on capri and shorts weather and I want to be able to fit into some of my clothes.

So that things that I have decided to do are: 

  •  I have decided to do a food diary. That way I will write down everything that I am eating and I will see calories and fat grams that I am consuming. 
  • I am also going to eat a lot more fruit and vegetables through the day. I will include at least 1 at breakfast and at least 2 at dinner. (Ideally I would also eat a side salad at least once a day with lunch or dinner) 
  • No snacking at the computer or after dinner. (the last couple of months I have found that I have been snacking on chocolate when I sit at the computer, or at night after the kids go to bed.) 
I have made these rules up to hopefully lead me to live a better lifestyle. I am going to focus on eating right now for the next month to try to make these things a habit. 

I am doing this because as of this morning I weighed in at.....228.4lbs. That is unacceptable. Things need to change and that change starts NOW!


  1. When I was losing weight, my lunch *was* a salad. A BIG ginormous salad with a good 4oz. of protien in it. Cheese, eggs, leftover meat, tuna, etc... you can easily get in all your veggie servings at lunch, then a couple more at dinner and you're gold! Good luck!!

    1. That is what I did yesterday. I had a large salad with leftover chicken from dinner the night before on it. Thanks for the luck.

  2. So I am not the only one that had to hurry and buy more Easter candy becasue I had eaten most of it? Good luck I am right there with you.

    1. Yeah Easter candy is my enemy :) Good luck to you too!

  3. I need to eat a skinny person too.
    I hear ya. My weight is such a struggle. I am losing a little bit because of the mouth guard. If you are snoring at night I would consider getting one. Just feeling better during the day has helped.

  4. Oh weight loss. It is my life long battle. I have finally found a diet that works well for me. My time is limited so exercise has to fit in. I have found that if I make sure to walk everywhere that I go, the pounds just start to fall off. I park in the furthest spot and so on.

    Denis Hightower @ Pittsburgh Cryotherapy


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